Pixel Gun 3D – 2018 Hack – Free Cheats Coins and Gems

Pixel 3d is an extraordinary and obsessive game filled with entertainment which gives you an opportunity to make a combat with your buddies, rivals and your family members.  It is a very different game; here you can make yourself to look like an exemplary by purchasing strange and weird skins from the game store. There are several levels in this game which can make you reserve for many days. By now, you are interested to know about this game. But wait, by going through this article you will come to know about the various elements of the game and more importantly you will know about Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature as well.

Drawing plan

In Pixel Gun 3D game, which can be played over the internet consists of too many drawing plans which vary in measures. Without the help of these drawing plans, we would not be able to the different levels of games, mini games and also you will not be able to use the weapons. A few interesting drawing maps are chatted below,

Wispy woodland: the wispy woodland is a forgotten place, this place is filled with trees and caves.teh list of rivals which you would encounter here are bear, a wispy devil, skinny zombies. The most dangerous enemy will be the meager man.

School: a school is an obsessed place in which we could encounter the skeletons, upside down in nature. Everything over here is upside down. Your rivals in the school are infectious students, affected nurses, triangle-shaped minion. Your important rival will be zombie jockey.

Affected cell: the affected cell does consist of numerous rooms, with cots, front office, jail room, electrically made chair room and many more. In this place, you will have to encounter so many enemies. Some of the enemies are as follows patrolman zombies, captive zombies, red spider, green colored slime and many. The dangerous of all is the abused captive.

Parallax Environment: this map is known as the deadline map and can be spotted in dangerous modes and crucial levels. A few of the rivals you will encounter in this zonal are the parallaxes zombie, weird birds, strange crawls, big giant monsters and many. The crucial rival is the tongued dragon.


There are major currencies in Pixel Gun 3D online gaming environment. With this relevant guide, you will be able to know about each currency – coins, pearls, tickets, and keys. Coins and gems can be easily generated with the help of hack feature known as Pixel Gun 3D Hack.


Coins are the most useful and powerful thing which can be utilized to buy several important resources and many items. These resources and other items can be bought from the game store. The things which do includes are rod and armament, hats, sheath, and contraptions many more.

Gaining coins

Earning the coins is the easiest way when compared to gaining other types of currencies.  You can enjoy the coins by playing a specified game level. Another way of gaining the coins is reaching and completing the given set of levels. The more you reach and complete the levels the more coins you will be able to earn. On completion of the campaign world game and claim the victory in the multiplayer encounters you easily earn the coins. You can also easily earn the coins in the ring. As you keep on playing the game, in each and every level of the game you will be able to see few coins will be invisible, we would have to keep on looking for the coins and get them as soon as possible. If you are ripe to invest the real and original money on the virtual currencies then you will be able to buy the coins. The best way to earn the coins is simply using the Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature.


Pearls are the special type of currencies in the game. Pearls do play a vital role in the game. These are extremely important to purchase various things like gears, weapons and other resources. You can also make the utilization of pearls to upgrade your rods and amenities. Some of the applications, tickets can also be bought by the use of the pearls.

Earning the pearls

You can earn the pearls by using your real-time money, but you know what without spending your real-time money, you can get the pearls. Wonder how? You can simply make the most of the Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature. This is for the persons who do not like to utilize their precious money in the online games but still would like to play these games. Don’t worry, we will not disappoint you. A few methods to earn these pearls are by reaching and completing the new levels in the game, also we can get connected with these exciting games via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Another way is to unfurl the hot coffee. Also, there are advertising videos in the game; by watching those videos also at times we might be able to earn the pearls. On using the driller device, you are entitled to win one pearl daily.


Very much similar to the pearls, tickets are the most important currencies of the game. This is the only currency in the game which acts as a precondition of the trail in the game. For instance, if you want to join in the games like mini-games, then you have the tickets. Only if you have the tickets you are entitled to participate in the game. (No Longer Available in 12.5.0)

Getting the tickets

The most convenient way of getting the tickets is by getting them along with the pearls. These pearls can get by using the Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature.

Another method to gain the tickets is by viewing a sponsored video on the ticket counter. You can also find those things in the exciting trunks. The communication box will enable you to earn the pearls. And every 4 hours once you will be entitled to win the tickets for free in the game.


Keys are the most important and special currency of this exciting game. Without keys, you would never be able to reach the success in the game. They play a vital role. In this game, the keys are used for unfurling the boxes which contain the important things.

Gaining the keys

Keys can be achieved by spending the pearls. Another way of gaining the tickets is by making use of the games and playing and winning the game at any cost. The number of keys which you would win is entirely depending on the winning team. It is entirely proportional to that. For better understanding, let us consider an example in which you have secured the first place in Team fight mode, and then you are entitled to win 5 keys. You must always keep in your mind and should never forget that you cannot earn the keys in the deadly game mode. You can earn the keys using the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats and then you can easily change the gems to keys. By doing this we can easily change the obtained gems to keys. By gaining keys we can do wonders.


The weapons can be easily purchased from the weapon storehouse. In this game, you can easily come across 6 unique bodied of weapons. These are primary, sniper, and heavy, melee, backup and special. These weapons are of extreme importance, they are handy in vanishing the opponents and helpful in winning in the battleground. A list of few weapons which you could buy in this game is listed below.

Hurricane hammer:

The hurricane hammer is a melee weapon, which is strong and can cause high damage. It has the greatest mobility and can good attacking speed. You can make the most of this tool for destroying the heavily poised opponents.

Laser petite rifle

The laser enabled petite gun is a strong and heavy weapon that can cause lots of damage to the opponents. This has a high rate of fire and capacity. It has, however, more mobility and is accuracy in qualified. These lasers can pass through the walls by which you can use it to destroy multiple players, irrespective of their capability.

Treasure friend

The treasure friend is a primary weapon, which can be achieved from the trunk. This is very rare to get it as a gift. It causes a high rate of fire and it also causes high and dramatic damage to big players. You should look to maximize the damage caused by the weapon.

Terrific buddy

The terrific buddy is a heavy weapon which is used for medium range which is used to trap the opponents in the tight space. This has a very slow bullet time for travel, so you need to fire carefully and do needful.


The mock-up is a sniper weapon, which has low capacity and can produce high and better output and mobility. It is one of the most powerful and required snipping weapon in the game. It is a perfect and stunning gun which is used for long range. It has a slow fire rate, you need to use in sniper forts.

Laser escort

The laser escort is a special weapon that causes great damage, provides excellent quality, with a medium amount of fire. In order to maximize the damage caused by the weapon, you should always aim for the head.

Automated peacemaker

The automated peacemaker is a primary and important weapon which provide a tremendous amount of fire. They are worth the amount spent as they always follow the damage and almost grant the kill. With using these weapons, you can kill many more enemies. If you are unable to buy this feature then you can always make use of the Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature.

Pet dragon

The pet dragon is one of the most important and special types of weapon, that causes a high degree of damage, it produces a very high rate of fire, normal mobility and the average amount of the quality. It has a burning and necessary characteristic when attacked; it causes a high degree of damage to the opponents.

Embellishments and skins

There are many more embellishments and skins available in the game for your playable character.

Armor: the main motive of the armor is to protect the various playable characters from projectiles. The armor is being differentiated into wooden, iron, golden, crystal, ruby and adamant armor. These armors are further being classified into light, medium and heavy varieties. Depending on the various armors, their price range also varies. The fantastic improvement is that it provides discounted sales, because of which you can buy the armors at a discounted price and also keep the check of the track record of it as well.

Burning headdress the burning headdress is most useful to increase the armor points, jump on the heights, weapon damage etc., it does accelerate the speed. You can always use to this hat to jump on the obstacles and to swiftly run away on the stumbling blocks. When the armored points increase, you can even use it as mini-armored helmet.


You can always select the required skins from the many options that are available for you in the game character. In other words, you can always create your own skins. Skins can be easily bought by using the in-game currencies which can be achieved by cheating and using Pixel Gun 3D Hack feature and are obtained from the trunk. But remember, only one skin can be appears at one time. If you have made a purchased skin then you will be able to access infinite amount of skins.

Pixel Gun 3 D Hack is on!

Pixel Gun 3 D Hack is the most recommended game for all those players who have all the required time to make themselves as obsessed gamers. This game has secured 4.5 starts of 5 in the rating scale, Pixel Gun 3D Hack rates 5 out of 5. What are you waiting for, give your best and smash your opponents!